Zimbabwe has some of the finest Big Game Hunting available with some of the most renowned and vast areas in all of Africa. These areas include The Matestsi, The Kazumo Forests and The Chiredzi River Conservancy, all of which we have hunting rights to. These areas are all very unique and are available to hunt at highly competitive prices.

The Matetsi Unit 6 Concession is just an hours drive from the mighty Victoria Falls and boasts many miles of Zambezi River frontage with tens of thousands of hectares of hunting grounds teeming with Big Game species Including Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Spotted Hyena and Hippo. There is also an abundance of unique Plains Game species including World-Class quality Sable, Roan, Livingstone's Eland, Kudu, Burchell's Zebra, Impala and Sharpe's Grysbok. This area consists of typical African woodland with a combination of open grassland as well as moderate to dense bush cover.

The Kazumo Forests borders and lies just South of Matetsi Unit 6, also a short drive from Victoria Falls. This area boasts much the same species mentioned above and in great abundance. The terrain is also much the same. This is a particularly good area for Lion, Leopard and Sable as well as the other species which inhabit this fine area.

The Chiredzi River Conservancy lies in the South of the Country and has a good variety of species on offer. The Buffalo hunting in this area is particularly exciting, requiring miles of tracking and true walk and and stalk hunting at its best. There is an abundance of other Big Game species including Leopard, Spotted Hyena, Hippo, Crocodile as well as Plains Game species such as Livingstone's Eland, Kudu, Waterbuck, Chobe Bushbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Giraffe, Burchell's Zebra, Impala, Grey Duiker and Sharpe's Grysbok.  



The Kalahari is home to the famous San Bushmen trackers who are the best in Africa, if not the world. This has always been their playground and they have the ability to read the signs and tracks of animals like a book. Hunting with them is a truly unforgettable experience.  


The Kalahari is a flat semi-desert area comprising of low scrub and grasses, particularly well known for its vast number of Kudu, Gemsbok, Springbok, Eland and Blue Wildebeest, all of which are of exceptional trophy quality.

There are also a wide variety of bird species, that can be shot, including Sand Grouse, Guinea Fowl, Francolin, Pigeon and Dove.


The accommodation is of a high standard, consisting of traditional semi-luxurious African-style chalets with en-suite bathrooms and sheltered front decks which look onto a waterhole constantly filled with a wide variety of game species including a relaxed pod of Hippo. Meals are enjoyed inside a designated lounge/bar/dining area with a true African feel about it. Prior to evening meals, drinks are served around a fireplace looking onto the floodlit waterhole where one can enjoy the unique sights and sounds of the African bush.


Besides the high quality hunting, bow hunting and wing shooting on offer, it is a great place to bring along the rest of the family as there are designated ‘sanctuary’ areas offering some fine photographic opportunities. Children have the opportunity to partake in the activities of the Bushmen people, practically learning the uses of the various flora and fauna that the Bushmen have used to survive for centuries. They can also learn skills such as tracking, skinning and the making of various tools that are used in everyday life.


This area is easily accessible. From Johannesburg’s O R Tambo International Airport, a direct one and a half hour commercial flight takes you into Maun Airport and it is approximately three hours to drive from there into the camp.



The Zambezi Floodplains are situated within the lower reaches of the mighty Zambezi River in the central parts of Mozambique, approximately twenty miles inland from the coast. It is a warm, tropical environment comprising of a great diversity of habitats, from thick forests, bordering onto open floodplains, leading into challenging swamplands.


As a result of this diversity there is a wide variety of species, and minimal trophy hunting in previous years means abundant game populations. These include rarer species such as Sable, Chobe Bushbuck, Oribi , Red Duiker and Livingstone’s Suni. The highlight of this area, however, is undoubtedly the Cape Buffalo hunting on offer.


Buffalo can be hunted in two areas within this large concession - the dense forests or the ‘semi-accessible’ swamps.


Forest hunting generally involves early morning tracking in an attempt to get onto a good bull before the heat of the day causes them to lie down in the thick brush, making it very difficult to ensure a clear shot before being given away by the alarm call of a bird, or a swirling wind. This method takes a great deal of patience and many hours of tracking, but success is very rewarding.


Swamp hunting is an adventure of a lifetime. The swamps are inaccessible by 4x4 vehicle, so Swedish and Canadian-made swamp machines are used to access the areas inhabited by the vast herds of Buffalo. Being more open in some areas, these Buffalo can be hunted throughout the day and a hundred percent success rate can be guaranteed.


Leopard and Spotted Hyena are hunted at night.


Elephant and Lion are available, but few tags are issued annually, so hunts need to be booked well in advance.


There are several camps located around the concession. They have rustic, yet comfortable tents/chalets with en-suite bathrooms. Separate indoor lounge/dining rooms and outside fireplaces ensure that they have a true African feel about them. The homemade meals are of traditional African and Portuguese influence.


The area is fairly easily accessible. From Johannesburg’s O R Tambo International Airport is a two hour commercial flight into Beira, from where a choice of a forty-five minute charter flight or a four and half hour road transfer will get you to the camp.




Clarke Safaris offers a wide variety of hunting opportunities throughout the Country with The Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal Provinces being our most popular with a full variety of Plains Game species as well as Buffalo for those who favour the excitement of a Big Game Hunt.


Queenstown lies in the mountainous western interior of the Eastern Cape province. It comprises of several fauna and flora-rich biomes including Mountain Grassland and Subtropical Karoo. Tall mountains drop down into deep, heavily wooded valleys, which ascend onto open and semi-open grassland. As a result of this diverse habitat there are a wide variety of game species available, including high quality Gemsbok, Hartebeest, Nyala, Eland and Mountain Reedbuck.


Apart from the quality hunting on offer, non-hunting family and friends can enjoy activities such as photography, fishing and horse riding.

The hunting lodge is situated in the saddle of adjoining mountains, offering a spectacular view of this unique scenery. The lodge includes semi-luxury thatched en-suite chalets and an inviting indoor lounge/bar/dining area with a fireplace. Delicious farm-style meals compliment an enjoyable day’s hunting.

Sitting and surveying the valleys, open grasslands and mountainsides from a good vantage point is an effective method of spotting good trophies before stealthily stalking the desired quarry.


The area is easily accessible. A commercial flight from Johannesburg’s O R Tambo International Airport into East London airport takes an hour and a half; from there we meet and transfer you directly to the lodge which is just over two hours by road.

Other great areas we have on offer in the Eastern Cape Province include a full variety of other Plains Game species including Kudu, Waterbuck, Red Lechwe, Cape Bushbuck, Common Reedbuck, Vaal Rhebok, Steenbok and all variants of Springbok, namely Common, Black, White and Copper just to mention a few. Bushpig, Caracal and Black- Backed Jackal offer an exciting challenge and are also available upon request.

Greytown is one of KwaZulu Natal's best hunting regions and a popular choice for most avid Plains Game hunters. The beautiful terrain that surrounds it is an area containing a good variation of habitat. Grassy, rocky hilltops decend down into steep heavily wooded valleys. These mysterious, untouched valleys are home to some of the largest Nyala and Bushbuck in Africa. There are a wide variety of plains-game species on offer at competitive prices.


The beautiful lodge and Bush Camp offer spectacular views of the surrounding area, with a large deck overlooking a deep gorge teeming with wildlife.

There are a wide variety of species that can be viewed and photographic game drives can be arranged for non-hunting companions.


The area is very easy to access, approximately two hours drive from Durban's King Shaka International Airport which is a short one hour flight away from O.R. Thambo International Airport, Johannesburg.

Other fine areas in KwaZulu Natal include the World renowned Zululand, Drakensberg and Mkomaas regions, all unique in there own way with a vast variety of terrains and a wide variety of other Plains Game species as well as Buffalo on offer.