How do I go about booking a Safari?

Send us an email, drop us a message or give us a call. We will discuss with you what type of Safari you are looking for and customise your Safari according to your requirements, including your budget. We will then send you a proposal to consider. Once you have decided that you are happy to go ahead we will require a 50% deposit and your hunt will be fully secured. We are happy to amend your dates if things change for whatever reason. 


How much can I expect to pay for an African Safari?

Our Safari rates are generally broken down into a 'Daily Rate' and 'Trophy Fees'.


Our Daily Rates start at US$ 225 per person and include a vehicle, fully qualified guide/ PH, tracker, skinners, chefs and cleaning staff as well as Daily Laundry service, all Meals and Drinks (Soft drinks, Beer and Wine) (Excluding Spirituous Liquor).

The 'Trophy Fee' applies only to our hunting clients and refers to the cost of each Trophy. The most popular plains-game species generally range from US$ 150- US$ 2000 in price.


How long should my Safari be? 

The Safaris that we offer generally range from anything between 4 days and 30 days. Dependent on what you are trying to achieve, we generally recommend a minimum of 7 days for a hunting safari and a minimum of 4 days for a fishing or photographic safari with us.  

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